How manifestation works

Journal your manifestations into existence.

Putting your thoughts into writing gives you the clarity you need to manifest your desires.
The first step to manifesting by writing is simply writing down what you would like to manifest in your manifestation journal.

If you want to attract something into your life, you must be clear about what that something is. You won’t be able to manifest what you want if you are not specific about what you want.

So take some time to write down your desire. But don’t just stop there; expand upon your writing by describing your desire using your five senses and adding specific details to it. Then, it would be best if you clarified your intentions behind your desire. Why do you want to manifest this in the first place?

Now imagine how it feels if your desire manifested. Now that you have written down what you want to manifest and why you want to manifest it, it’s time to get into energetic alignment with your desire. Your energy creates your reality. Therefore, it’s important to remember that it’s the feeling that attracts when it comes to manifestation. How will you feel when your manifestation is a reality? Tap into that feeling right now.

The fourth step to manifest by writing is to detach from the outcome. Letting go is one of the most important steps for receiving your manifestation. The key here is to be patient and maintain the positive energy you created in the previous steps.